We allocate client capital between two main strategies: an income strategy and a macro-economic strategy.

The income strategy we employ involves purchasing dividend-yielding stocks and bonds that produce significant income. Because these securities’ prices are supported by the income they produce, they tend to be less volatile than the stock market at large. Through proprietary research and analysis, we are able to identify which companies and securities present the greatest income opportunities with the least chance of having their payouts reduced. These securities usually retain value even when the stock market experiences turmoil. Because of the relative stability of the income strategy, this portfolio is designed to be the lower-risk, consistent return portion of the client’s account.

The macro-economic strategy is more flexible, and is designed to take advantage of macro-economic trends. Since macro-economic trends can be exploited in a variety of methods, the instruments we employ to express our views on these trends are more diverse. This strategy is also more speculative by nature, which means that the returns produced are more widely varying. However, since we are able to take more risk in this portfolio, we target a higher rate of return on capital employed using this strategy. Macro-economic trends are identified by changing global economic fundamentals and research across a wide variety of financial instruments. As is often the case, traditional assets such as stocks and bonds do not always provide the best opportunities. By constantly monitoring and evaluating the changing dynamics between nations, economies, currencies, and companies, opportunities for attractive risk/reward trades can be uncovered.

*All investment strategies entail significant risk. While every precaution will be taken against it, investing with either strategy may result in a loss of some or all of invested capital. Risk factors include, but are not limited to, market volatility, possible illiquidity of securities, macro-economic shocks, and dividend/income cuts.

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