We are a registered investment advisor and commodity trading advisor firm
  • Lakshmi trades equities, equity options, index options, futures, and futures options on behalf of its clients
We offer a managed accounts style of investment advising
  • Clients apply for an account with the custodian (currently Interactive Brokers)
  • Client accounts are owned by the client, and discretionarily managed by Lakshmi Capital Management
  • Up-to-the-minute transparency is provided by the custodian as clients can log in and view their account activity, balances, and positions at any time
  • Clients are free to deposit and withdraw funds as they see fit.
We provide individualized investment services
  • Accounts are tailored to each investor’s risk tolerance, age, income necessities and other considerations
  • Lakshmi offers advice on how its services fit into an investor’s overall investments and allocation decisions
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