Telecom Valuation Discrepancy: Long RIMM, Short NOK

In discussing the state of the tech economy with an associate recently, the conversation quickly turned towards smartphones, and two of the most hated tech stocks of the last year, Nokia and Research in Motion. The chart above shows the Nasdaq-100 Index in green, RIMM in white and NOK in amber.  As can be seen, … Continue reading

UPDATE: Chart of the Day: January VIX Futures

Since recommending a short position on the January VIX futures contract, the market has moved favorably.  With today’s large rally in stocks underway, the VIX Index is at 21.84, and the January VIX futures contract is trading at 30.00.  When we recommended the short position, the futures contract was trading at 30.15, making for a … Continue reading

Chart of the Day: January VIX Futures

We have commented in the past on our preference to short volatility and express long positions on stocks by selling put options.  We executed this strategy with great success during the pullbacks of June and August.  However, there remains a potentially extremely profitable trade within the short volatility space. Shown below is a chart of … Continue reading

Chart of the Day: Natural Gas Futures

Shown above is the current 1 year chart of front month natural gas futures.  After bouncing just below the 4 level many times, natural gas rebounded all the way to above 5, before plummeting to new yearly lows at the 3.65 level.  However, since then it has ground higher in a slightly higher highs, higher … Continue reading

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